The Jatun Sacha Foundation was founded in 1989 to promote the conservation of Ecuador’s biodiversity, through technical training, scientific research,and environmental education programs at national and international levels. The mission of Jatun Sacha is to support community development through sustainable management of natural resources and the training of leaders with greater ethnic and gender participation. World Water Watch relies on Jatun Sacha as a partner organization involved in watershed monitoring and community engagement.

World Water Watch has been working and cooperating with Jatun Sacha since 1990 to assist in the evaluation of development projects and the impact of different land-uses on watershed-based water quality issues, including drinking water for nearby communities. Jatun Sacha’s five biological stations (Congal, Jatun Sacha, Bilsa, Guandera and San Cristobal) are also monitoring stations for AMZnet (see AMZnet project description in WWW Initiatives), as well as excellent community and student training locations. Jatun Sacha facilitates conservation of biological and cultural diversity through different models of private conservation, environmental education and the promotion of research projects that help improve the quality of life of people living in these areas.