ANDESgis – Andean Environmental Technology Initiative

The Andean Environmental Technology Initiative ANDESgis is a technology transfer project where training and support of NGO’s, foundations, community watershed councils, and provincial and local governmental units involved in environmental protection are provided. Technology support is focused on the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) on a watershed scale. Monitoring methods, simulation models, remote sensing tools and decision support systems are interfaced with GIS applications. Local as well as regional applications and projects are important elements of this initiative. WWW’s emphasis on the impact of climate change on water resources, agriculture and biodiversity is considered in all cases. ANDESgis builds on previous projects and initiatives: AARAM, SUMAAR and ProgramaSUR.

World Water Watch utilizes its expert pool and senior advisors extensively to conduct workshops, demonstration projects, and support activities at each ANDESgis level of implementation.

A nested GIS design application is utilized, which integrates server and computer requirements to specific field/community needs. The nested design is a powerful method of ensuring appropriate GIS applications to all levels, including paper applications.

Two important elements of ANDESgis are the ability to distribute and collect data (with feedback) at all implementation levels (national level to village/ field unit level), and support systems that will ensure that all levels of implementation have mechanisms to quickly and effectively respond to questions and changes in specific environmental monitoring and protection programs.

Partner and Collaborating organizations include:

National Polytechnical University Quito

International Institute for Geo-Information

University of Cuenca

Stroud Water Research Center

Alianza Jatun Sacha

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