Project CONDOR

Ecuador Peru Bioreserve

Protecting one of the earth’s richest areas of biodiversity, Project CONDOR (CONservacion Del ORiente) along the eastern slopes of the Andes, has been a World Water Watch priority for over 25 years. The Cordillera del Condor (Ecuador-Peru frontier) and much of the eastern slopes of the Andes from Colombia to Chile must be protected in order to preserve the great diversity of animal and plant species. Several locations in this region have been designated “Biodiversity Hotspots” by international conservation organizations. Sadly, they are being encroached upon by oil exploration, colonization, forestry and “slash and burn” agriculture. Project CONDOR builds on previous projects AARAM and ProgramaSUR.

World Water Watch is developing technology and tools to assist international NGO’s in conducting impact analysis, as well as monitoring systems, to evaluate encroachment into these high biodiversity areas from a water resources and habitat perspective. Advanced graphical and vision enhancement technology assists NGO’s in outreach and educational programs both for the public and local officials. Appropriate protection and conservation systems are also evaluated in this process.

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