World Water Watch is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization.

The structure of the organization includes:

• Board of Directors
• Core Professional Staff
• Expert Pool of Environmental Scientists, Engineers and Educators
• Senior Advisory Board

Board of Directors

Paul Robillard

Will Clarkson

Ron Droste

Tom Theis

Attorney: Robert O. Doucette, law practice focused on small
charitable organizations

Accountant: Robert C. Alario, PC, Certified Public Accountants


Core Professional Staff
World Water Watch utilizes approximately 12 core staff members who contribute their skills to day-to-day operations and special projects.

Expertise areas include:

• Design and operation of water quality monitoring networks
• Simulation modeling
• Acquisition and interpretation of remote sensing data
• Development and support of educational programs
• Support of community outreach programs
• Software design and development
• Development and distribution of publications
• Management of conferences and workshops
• Accounting and financial management

Expert Pool
World Water Watch organises teams from approximately 80 experts, many with over 30 years experience in their fields. These teams work with local partners on specific projects.

Expertise areas include:

• Water resources management and planning
• Watershed monitoring and conservation systems
• Environmental engineering
• Hydrologic sciences
• Meteorology
• Environmental sciences
• Soil science
• Biological sciences
• Environmental outreach and education
• Community outreach
• Watershed remediation
• Conservation biology
• Biological engineering
• Forest science
• Resource economics

Senior Advisors
World Water Watch depends on a distinguished group of approximately 25 senior advisors to inspire and guide our initiatives and projects.
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