Our Goals

WORLD WATER WATCH (WWW) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization supporting communities, other NGO’s (Non-Governmental Organizations), foundations, and government agencies involved in the planning, protection and restoration of water resources. WWW assists in the development and management of water quality monitoring networks and the design and implementation of remedial measures to restore and protect surface and groundwater quality on a watershed scale. WWW organizes and supports a coalition of local organizations to assess, develop, evaluate, manage and design tools for sustainable solutions for specific watershed topics. Typical WWW topics include water supply, wastewater and watershed impacts on surface and groundwater quality from agriculture, mining, urbanization and mixed land-uses. Outreach and training programs in collaboration with community based organizations to achieve long-term sustainable systems are a critical element of all WWW projects and programs.

• The structure of World Water Watch includes a board of directors; core staff; expert pool of environmental scientists, engineers and practitioners; and a senior advisory board.

• Working with other NGO’s, foundations and governmental units, WWW partners with many environmental conservation organizations.

• Watershed monitoring, conservation and remediation programs support community outreach with education, training and research projects.

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